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Digital Marketing


Search Engine Optimization is the process of “Optimizing” your website so that it can easily take advantage of the existing traffic from the “free,” “organic,” “editorial” or “natural” search results on the three largest search engines; Google, Bing, and Yahoo.

There is no cost for this traffic other than the cost of initiating and maintaining an “Optimized” website that inherently attracts this type of “Free” traffic. Search traffic is often the best type of traffic because it is made up of people who are already searching for your product or service.  They are people who are close to or are ready to make a purchase.

We can help facilitate the sales funnel process by applying powerful and legitimate (white hat} techniques and procedures that maximize your site’s visibility and ranking success with the various search engines.  The result is more Free traffic to your website from people who are most likely ready to buy.


Search Engine Marketing is the process of paying for search results on the three major search engines; Google, Bing, and Yahoo.  It involves doing research and bidding on “Keywords” that your target market is searching for to fulfill their needs. The next step is to analyze the results and make adjustments to the campaign and make it as efficient and cost effective as possible to yield the most return on your investment (ROI).

Whether the goal is to reach marketing objectives or increase conversion rates, we at Electric Pixels utilize the most modern techniques that involve both art and science to maximize the results of a campaign for the least amount of money spent.


Pay Per Click advertising is the process of paying a fee only when a consumer clicks on your ad.  It is probably the best way to reach consumers online who are not necessarily searching for your product or service but are part of your target market.

At Electric Pixels we leverage consumer data gathered by the search engines, social media, news, and entertainment outlets to reach consumers who are part of your target market. We then design effective ads that are constantly analyzed for their ability to reach your marketing objectives or conversion rate goals.

E-Mail Marketing

E-Mail Marketing has been around for a while and if used properly can still be a very effective way of reaching qualified consumers. It involves the process of acquiring and/or developing a qualified opt-in e-mail list and then designing ads and promotions to effectively reach them.

At Electric Pixels we use the latest software and techniques to archive and manage your lists as well as analyze the resulting data from the campaigns to maximize their effectiveness for achieving the desired results.


Inbound and Content Marketing

Inbound and Content Marketing is one of the latest methods being used today for achieving marketing results. It involves creating or developing content that consumers find interesting, useful, or entertaining that leads them back to your website.

Being a full service production agency, Electric Pixels is uniquely qualified and is well known for producing engaging and actionable content such as animated videos and stills, motion graphics, slide shows, info graphics, viral videos, logo stingers, TV commercials, instructional videos, etc.

Let us show you how our experience and creativity can maximize your profits.